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A special story time in Merton Library with Tractor Worries

A big thank you to the sparkling Michela Moschini for choosing Tractor Worries for her Story Time at the Merton Libraries in Morden this September. I am so pleased so many children got to enjoy this special story.

What is more, Michela's energy had most of the parents doing hokey-cokey with big grins on their faces (including me!). Michela makes story time double up as a fun fitness class for the parents and carers. If you are looking for a fun time with your pre-schooler don't hesitate to join next time on Tuesday morning.

A woman reading a book called Tractor Worries to children in a library
Tractor Worries in Morden Library

Tractor Worries introduces children to mindful breathing for self-regulation and demonstrates the power of creative problem-solving. The story models a healthy way of handling a tricky situation without asking leading questions which could fuel more anxiety. Unlike many books on similar topics, Tractor Worries does not demand any action from the child. Children get enough demands placed on them at school and in life on a daily basis. With this book, children have the opportunity to take from the story what is relevant and important to them!

Additionally, the thoughtful design, font selection and sizing make the text fun and interesting even to pre-readers. It is a different kind of tractor book! Recommended for children 0 to 12 but many adults have told me they enjoyed it very much as well! As one Amazon review said: "wonderful book for small and tall"!

You can now borrow your copy from Morden or Wimbledon Library or order it online on Amazon, Waterstones and Barens & Noble.

A Psychologist Dr. Deborah Serani gave the book 5* and called it

"...a precious book on several levels...".


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