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Disobeying our own rulebook

Today my first book Tractor Worries is officially on sale!

Today is the 3rd of July. I have chosen this date for many reasons, all of which are pretty boring but will be familiar to most indie authors.

However, there is one reason which is worth mentioning. Apparently, the 3rd of July is also world disobedience day (amongst many peculiar celebrations like “Eat your beans day” and “Fried Clam Day”!).

There are several definitions of what the world disobedience day signifies.

  • A national holiday celebrating the act of protest and civil disobedience around the country or

  • day to recollect a non-violent way to protest an issue, law, or cause. Or simply

  • doing your own thing for a change even if you don't have permission.

By disobeying externally imposed rules or laws one can simply have a bit of fun or, in more serious cases, change the course of the future, for one or many. Be it a positive or negative change.

But the rules and laws which are often hardest to challenge are our own. Rules we make for ourselves, which can become barriers to our growth. Rules which tell us who we are and what we can or can not achieve. Rules we use to put ourselves in a box.

By creating and publishing a book, I broke rules which were in my head for years. I challenged my box. My mum always told me it is better to regret things we did than those we didn’t do.

So, hello and welcome Tractor Worries book, hello to becoming an author, hello to learning a lot about publishing and myself. If nothing else I have grown, I have kicked my box away and I have a beautiful book I can be proud of and a gift for my children to remember their “Nona”, my mum, by.

We should all disobey our own rulebook sometimes and see what good things can come out of it. You can buy Tractor Worries on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other retailers.



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